Top 2 Roulette Strategies To Learn Today

Roulette is both an interesting and mysterious game. The uncertainty regarding the outcome is what keeps the player sitting on the edge of his seat. Hence, it is popularly known as a game of chance.

Having said that, it cannot be ignored that there do exist some strategies, which cannot be although mentioned as the sure-shot mantra of success but improve the odds of winning.

Hence, if you wish to up your game, it is suggested to learn some of the major roulette strategies, such as the martingale strategy, reverse martingale strategy, fibonacci strategy, d’alembert strategy and james bond strategy.

But, we are not going to talk about all of these strategies; we’ll be just talking about the top two strategies, which are the most popular and most used strategies, viz. martingale strategy and reverse martingale strategy.

  1. Martingale Strategy

According to this strategy, the player has to double his bet after a loss. As a result of this, all the previous losses are recovered, after the first win.

How to use this strategy:

  • Begin with finding a roulette table that offers a high maximum bet and a small minimum bet.
  • Bet on even/odd, black/red, 1-18 or 19-36. If you play on an American roulette table, you can be rest assured that the ball will have an equal probability of landing in any of these pockets – even/odd, black/red, 1-18 or 19-36.
  • If you win, you can bet on the same small amount. If you lose, place the bet on the same colour and double the amount.
  • If you win in the second chance, you have an option to either place a small bet (of the original amount) or simply leave the casino. In case you lose, repeat the previous process again.
  • Keep repeating these steps until you have hit the table maximum.
  1. Reverse Martingale Strategy

If you wish to learn roulette basics thoroughly, this is another strategy that must be on your tips. Using this strategy, you need to decrease your bets upon losing, and increase your bets upon winning the bets.

How to use this strategy:

  • Just like martingale strategy, find a roulette table that offers a high maximum bet and a small minimum bet.
  • Bet on even/odd, black/red, 1-18 or 19-36. if you lose, continue betting the exact same small amount. If you win, double the bet for the next bet on the same colour.
  • Continue doing this, as long as you are winning.
  • If you lose, move down to the original bet.

After you have mastered these two strategies, you can move to other strategy, like d’alembert strategy, which says that the bet should be increased by 1, upon losing the bet.

Top 2 Roulette Strategies To Learn Today

Remember that these strategies do not guarantee your win; they are just meant to increase the odds of winning. If you understand and implement them well, you can certainly build a streak of wins for yourself. So, do practice them and always place a small bet, so that you do not lose a huge amount of money.

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